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Applendid consulting – cofounder (01/2013 – 04/2016)

Applendid consulting is a technology consulting firm I founded that helps start-ups realize their tech goals. Below are the clients that we have worked with:

  1. development of an event aggregation and processing system using finatra, logstash, kafka, zookeeper, elastic search, aws, kibana, spark.
Technology and development consulting for various projects for

  1. development of a real-time user event analysis and batch analytics platform using apache spark, scala, kafka
  2. development of an anomaly detection system with spark
  3. replacement of the existing search engine with solr
  4. development of the mobile seller office api
  5. development of a WYSIWYG product detail page editor
  6. integration of the prudsys recommendation engine
Consulting for EarlyBird VC funded startup. Implementation of the site features in Java and Javascript and administration of the servers on AWS.
Voted one of the hottest startups in 2016 by wired magazine (
Hybris development consulting for Complete rewrite and migration of the existing system to the hybris platform.

Development of a distributed load testing, and DDOS simulation platform that runs on EC2 for Innovera.
Complete rewrite of the web client for the music streaming platform for turkcell as a single page application.
Development of a payments infrastructure and integration with payment providers for

Rocket Internet GmBH – Venture CTO (10/2011 – 09/2012)

Leading a team in the development of (now defunct) e-commerce company / 30M EUR VC funding from Rocket Internet.
Implementation on PHP Yii Framework and Zend framework. Linux + Nginx + MySql.

Vodafone – Development specialist (12/2010 – 10/2011)

Development of the IN systems at vodafone for pre-paid charging.
Core Java 1.6 with emphasis on garbage collection performance issues due to the real-time
nature of the platform.

Parkyeri – Developer (08/2005 – 11/2010)

Development of various projects for turkcell end user services.
Implementations in Java (spring, servlet api) and PHP.


  • M.Sc Software Engineering, Bogazici University 2010
  • B.Sc Computer Engineering, Yeditepe University 2005

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