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This group contains application and projects that I have done in my spare time.

  • Epic4x - Blue prints and devlogs for a very deep 4x sci-fi game
  • ChessApi - A collection of chess tools exposed as an api and their data for download.
  • HexosisGame - A turn based strategy game for 2 players. A modern (and simpler) version of chess.
  • RedditAlerts - Get instant email updates for hot topics on
  • ChessboardHeatmap - A chess board heat map that displays the positions each piece visit on the board analyzed with Apache Spark over 1 million GM games.
  • PositionalChessAnalysisTool - Position is a chess analysis tool that will analyze your PGN formatted games
  • H3ChessOpeningExplorer - H3 is a chess openings explorer that shows the most common moves in the opening section of a chess game
  • TactixChessTacticsGenerator - Tactix is a program that will generate tactics puzzles from PGN chess games
  • HexarategyGame - Hexarategy is a spaced themed turn based strategy game with Unity 3D (WIP)
  • CosConGame - Cosmic Conquest is a real time strategy game with unity 3D
  • Spate - A poker bot testing platform
  • Spate-Eval - Fast poker hand evaluation library
  • CarbineGame - Top down shooter game in HTML5 Canvas
  • yabistir - A reddit clone
  • TOBO - The now retired todo bot over XMPP

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