dendiz vs Enver on Lichess


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[Event "Casual Correspondence game"] [Site ""] [Date "2018.04.07"] [Round "-"] [White "ealtin"] [Black "dendiz"] [Result "0-1"] [UTCDate "2018.04.07"] [UTCTime "20:10:54"] [WhiteElo "1500"] [BlackElo "1500"] [Variant "Standard"] [TimeControl "-"] [ECO "D02"] [Opening "Queen's Pawn Game: Symmetrical Variation"] [Termination "Normal"] [Annotator ""] 1. Nf3 d5 2. d4 Nf6 { D02 Queen's Pawn Game: Symmetrical Variation } 3. Nc3 a6 {A questionable move by black, should actually continue with development. The reason I played this was I thinking of my queen on c7 but it's premature.} 4. Bf4 Bg4 5. Qd3 {A hint at queen side castling by white. } e6 6. e4 {looks like a mistake after dx4 Nxe4 Bf5 white is a pin, but has Nxf3+ to wiggle out of it.} dxe4 7. Nxe4 Nbd7 8. d5 Nxe4 9. Qxe4 Nf6 10. Qa4+ {after this move I took some time on how to block the check. Nd7 or Qd7 leads to an equalish position after the piece exchanges and looks boring.} b5 11. Qa5 {here I took some time too. The sensible moves looks like Nxd5 but the more adventurous move was to take with to Queen and establish a central dominance on the position. I thought about 12 Qxc7 Bxf3 13. gxf3 Qxf3 attacks to took on h1 and protects my rook on a8. I didn't see any checks for black that would be threatening. But still it is risk position without the black king uncastled} Qxd5 12. Rd1 {this was a blunder by white. allowing the queen to give the check and the combination to win to queen.} Qe4+ 13. Be2 Bb4+ 14. Qxb4 Qxb4+ 15. c3 Qxf4 16. O-O Bxf3 17. Bxf3 Ng4 18. Rd4 Qxh2# { Black wins by checkmate. } 0-1