More on team dynamics - resolution


2 minute read

I have been considering the situation of the team over the past week, and I also had a talk with both my team mates about the situation. The talks were very positive and their attitudes during these talks convinced me that they are doing their best towards launching this. I also realized that my expectations were too high of them, but this in itself is not a bad thing.

The worst part of this whole charade was that I decided to do a project with friends. This is a bad decision. Becoming friends with colleagues is fine, but the other way around is not - but too late to change that. Anyways the gist of talks were motivational issues caused by the lack of design as all humans will be deterred by an ugly site - which I believe too, but choosing between functionality and design and the number of features we had to give up on one. In the end I convinced them to give up on the number of features, and introduced a new design with Vuetify. This fresh look boosted up morale that’s for sure. And I went extreme with trimming the features - the first version of the site is read-only. No user input at all including login and user registration. It’s no use to register to a site if you are not have personal data stored anyways. This seemed quite extreme when I first said it out aloud, but now it makes so much sense. One interesting point I realized during this is that a clean look for the site has more impact on perception and motivation than I would have considered. O. said that it felt like a hobby project after a I said that we should not be focusing on design anymore - like an ugly project would not attract any users so it doesn’t feel like a real project. I kind of under stand the view point but as in many things it’s important to find the optimal balance.