Strix devlog #9


2 minute read

Well I’ve been offline for about 2 weeks due to a life changing event: My baby girl. The past 2 weeks have been adjusting to a new life style, new sleep cycle and new tasks. I’ve become a master diaper changer after changing almost 150 diapers :D

 I tried to set the launch date for techscan to be the 15th of October for a reason: I knew that I would not have the time for at least a couple of weeks after a new baby, so I was hoping that the rest of the team could continue with UI improvements and marketing while I was offline. Of course this did not happen, they have also been offline the whole time. I just can’t get my expectations met with these guys. Just before the arrival I was toying around with the idea of porting the engine code to python.

My reasons were:

It was pretty easy porting the code, I’m complete with the major parts. Memory consumption decreased from 4G to 1G, code is so much more concise and less. I can work on it from my iPad with an SSH connection. I have easy low level access to the database so it’s faster and easier to do stuff in SQL. I’ve created this version of the engine on my own git server as I am not planning to share this. I think I’ll be continuing on my own from now on, as I believe the old version and the old project will be forgotten by the other members of the team in time.