Strix devlog #1


2 minute read


I mentioned on my microblog that I have a tendency to work on projects in cycles. These cycles are work on games/work on financial projects. I have noticed this in the past 2 years. I started working on chess related projects, then the sudden crypto trading boom happened, and I started playing with trading projects. Then the crypto market crashed and I became less interested in the markets and started working on another TBS game. Now the Turkish Lira is crashing and I’m once again interested in the markets. So this time I want to make a project that analyzes US stocks and runs scanners on the price data to generate signals. I want the system to be like twitter where you follow companies and the signals appear in the companies timeline.

The architecture so far is pretty simple

I get the stock data from IEX and cache it in redis. N signal scanners will run on this data to generate signals and the signal results are stored in mysql. There is a signal point system that is arbitrary at the moment. I assign a multiplier and a adder value to each signal that I will use later to generate the points. If the instruments generates signal points above a certain value it will emit a signal.