Strix devlog #3


2 minute read

** summary **

A new month is here and time goes by fast. There is a theory about the perception that the older you get to faster time seems to go by is due to the fact that the percentage of time relative to your age gets smaller. E.g a year when you are 5 years old is 20% of your age and is a long duration. But when you are 40 it’s only 2.5% of your age and it goes by faster.

So what’s new? I’ve concentrated on the stock viewing page today. Every parameter that I had hardcoded during the design phase is now the actual value it’s supposed to be. So the main part of the stock view page is complete. The Thymeleaf style does take a bit getting used to but I have figured out everything I needed to do.

A nasty bug I came across was the dates of the technicals and scans was the date the user wanted to scan. Randomly I tried a date when testing and I saw in the database that this was a weekend. So I fixed that by using the last date in the data returned from the API.

Another related issue was that dates from the API were showing up as weekends. This is due to the fact that the IEX api returns a string for the date field and the json parser just uses the current timezone and this ends up being a date before the date in the string. Easy fix, just set the timezone to EST where the stock exchanges are.