Virion devlog #11


1 minute read


So far I am content with the Game mechanics I’ve come up with and the prototyping phase is thus over. One thing I can say about Godot is that the editor sucks, so I had to revert to using vim + cli. Another thing is that GDScript is a nice prototyping script but I can’t see myself using it for a complicated project. Mainly due to the missing data structures, lack of libraries, it’s simplistic nature and my personal preference for staticly typed languages.

So the real product development I’ve decided to go with my old friend Unity. I’m now in the process of porting and cleaning the code in GDScript. I’ve managed to get the Player units, unit selection, path finding, map generation, obstacle generation working in a day. The architecture is way cleaner and being able to use JetBrains Rider is a great speed up. Here is a screen shot of the current state