Virion devlog #3


3 minute read


A tactical feature that was missing after the enemy spawns was an indication of the tile of the spawn and the time. Enemies suddenly appearing on the map and random places doesn’t benefit the strategical and tactical aspect of the game as the player has no chance to plan and prepare for the new wave of enemies. I implemented this ETA and location indication on the map. If the player can get a unit on the tile for the new spawn, it will void. This is a nice way for the player to prevent new enemies and gives to opportunity for a trade-off. Should I defend a building or prevent a new spawn?


The turn mechanics for enemies started out as alternating between movement and attack. This made the game a bit static, but it was the basis for the push strategy to save buildings. If an enemy was next to a target at the end of the movement phase, the next turn would mean a damage to a building, so it was wise to push the enemy away from the building. But during the movement turns towards the targets, the attack phase made the game progression slow. Turns were wasted doing nothing as there wasn’t anything to attack. I changed this around to the following structure: A turn for an enemy is either attack or move. If the enemy reaches it’s target after a movement turn, then it is committed to attacking that target even it’s pushed away and will not move for that turn. Currently this means doing nothing as the target is not in range, but I have a 2 ideas on how to stop this attack turn being wasted. Either store the direction the attack would have been and do an attack in that direction. If there is anything (un)lucky enough to be on that tile, it will receive the damge (maybe including friendlies?) Or select a target in range and just attack that target. I will have to discuss these options and get some feedback on them.

The game is suffering from being to easy. Go upto the enemies and hit them on the head. Or even don’t go upto them and attack them from range. Well attacking from a distance is nice and realistic but infinite ammo for range attacks is not. That’s why I implemented a feature to limit the number of ranged attacks per unit per level. This makes the level progressively harder as you have to start walking around to hit the enemies after a while. Also the chunk level generator wasn’t paying attention to the number of buildings placed on the level. Having 9 buildings on a level makes it easier to survive (think of buildings as player units). I added a pretty simple function that tries to adjust the number of buildings on the level based on the current level the player is at.