Virion devlog #7


2 minute read


I have been skimming through the code so far, which is around 2K lines right now, and I have noticed some inefficiencies and some simplification that could be made. GDScript doesn’t really provide an extensive lanuage so a lot of things have to be done the old fashioned way. I guess their motto is, C doesn’t have those fancy constructs and they’re doing fine, why shouldn’t we? So I did a couple of one-liner fixes and some code reduction here and there, nothing too big. A couple of bug crawled into the code making it possible for the player to gain super mech attack powers, like attacking even after the attack action had been consumed. Like that wasn’t enough the ranged weapons could fire beyond their ammo limit. I fixed that too, so no more Bruce Lee mechs, kicks everybodies ass.

One of the items that I want to add is a jump jet, that will get the player beyond blocked tiles. This will give the ability to jump over the enemy to their behind and attack them. And also get out of hairy situations like this

The item isn’t pickable yet, but the movement mechanics are there. So the item should be ready within the coming days.

I also wanted the player to prioritize building protection as this is supposed to be a tower defense game. Now if you lose more than X building across all levels, the game is over.

I’m thinking of a turn counter so that you may just have to protects the buildings for X turns, but this also brings the mechanic of running away from the monsters if you have high speed or a jump jet. This is kind of refutated by the newly spawning enemies. But I also wanted to try out the mechanic of water flooding, killing buildings, enemies, mountains or anything else in it’s path eventually cover the whole map.