Virion devlog #9


2 minute read


We now have the unit lab fully functional. Actually we already had it for a couple of days but it’s only now that I had a chance to write about it. The unit lab is the place where you can add/remove items and weapons from your units. You can modify and deploy upto 4 unitis into battle. Going over a screen shot will make it easier to under stand what’s going on:

This is the main screen. The unit as listed on the left with their equipment. The middle section contains the inventory and the right section contains the stats of the selected item.

this little tool here allows to to select which unit you want to change.

the “+” button allows you to equip that weapon to the currently selected unit. The “D” button drops the item from your inventory. Currently there is no limit to the items you can have in your inventory but thay may change. It’s only purpose is to empty the trash items if it gets to crowded.

Each unit can only carry a single ranged weapon/melee weapon/item, so when you add an item it will get swapped with the existing item.

When a unit has a chasis, melee weapon and a melee weapon it will be deployed automatically. Currently we are debating the issue of an option to not deploy a mech that is fully equipped but there are no strong cases where a player would not want a mech on the battlefield.