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January 1, 2016

Update 2018-05-09:

I’ve switched to Hugo

Update 2018-04-15: I decided to write a script using python + make to automate this static site generation. This small program is now obsolete, and replace with this script.

2017-05-01: I just bought a new laptop to replace my mac book pro retina that was running kind of slow and doesn’t really play along with windows, and with this switch all my main computers are now running on windows. I saw this as an opportunity to brush up on my desktop application development. I’m sure there have been tremendous amounts of progress on the desktop development end, but I’m oldschool and went ahead with the classic duo winforms/c#. I wrote a quick port of the groovy script that I used to generate this site as an application.

I used to provide a binary for this project, but I’ve decided it could be a security breach so I removed it.

Future me: Just clone the repo and rebuild the solution, sorry!

Tags: #misc