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Cosmic conquest

December 4, 2018

Cosmic Conquest is a real time strategy game available for Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Windows and Linux.

The downloads for the latest releases are available here

Check out some of the tips and tricks and nuances of the game to beat the computer in a battle through the stellar system. The game starts with a number of planets ranging from 5 to 8 (you can configure this from the options menu). Each player has a home planet with 10 production points. Your home world and planets that you have conquered are shown with a green ring around them. Production points are used to make ships that are spawn on that planet and can be sent to other planets to conquer them. To send a ship click the source planet then the target planet. If you click on the planet and select the same planet as the target, you will initiate a planet defense which I explain later. Once you order your ships they will start traveling towards their destination. If they encounter enemy ships on their path they might engage the enemy. You will notice that their movements and directions change when they start dog fighting with enemies. Once they destroy the enemy they will continue on their mission to the target planet. When they reach the planet, if the planet is yours they will add to the production points. If the planet is an enemy planet they will reduce the production points. If its neutral the planet will be yours with all its production points. The aim of the game is to conquer all the planets in the stellar system.


Each player starts with a home planet. The home planet starts with 10 production points and gains 1 point / second. The maximum points it can produce is 10. That means after the points are greater than 10 it will not produce anything. But if you send reinforcements to the galaxy they will still be added to the points, but it won’t grow. There are 12 different types of planets each with different growth rates and max points. An important part of your strategy should be conquering planets that produce fast and a lot of points.


There are 4 types of ships with different speeds, shield, costs, and firepower. When you send ships from a planet to another one the planet will spend half of its points to create these ships. The planet must have at least 80% of its max points to produce a battle ship and at least 60% of its max points to produce a heavy cruiser. The light cruiser and fighter can be produced if there is enough points. The production of ships is influenced by the heavy/light setting.

If you don’t want to produce any battle ships or heavy cruisers switch to light mode. If you want these heavy class ships switch to heavy mode. There is on guarantee that the heavy ships will be produced even if there are enough points but the chances are significantly higher in heavy mode that they will. At the beginning of the game, it doesn’t make much sense to produce heavy ships as the opponents will be far away and you will most likely not be engaging in dog fights but will be trying to conquer planets. After you have a couple of planets and are attacking enemy planets heavy ships will be useful as they will destroy enemy ships with power. If your ships attacks an enemy planet it will decrease the planets points by it it’s hull size, but if you send it as a reinforcement to one of your planets it will only increase the planet points by 1. So be careful when sending reinforcements. The ships have the following properties: All ships are indestructible for 2 seconds after they are created.

  1. Beams/sec – The firing rate of the ship if it is combat with an enemy.
  2. Attack range – The maximum distance they ships lasers are effective.
  3. Damage HP – The amount of damage on the enemy armor in case of a hit.
  4. Seek range – The maximum distance the ship will sense an enemy ship to engage.
  5. Speed – The distance the ship travels per time.
  6. Armor – The protection around the ship. If the armor is destroyed the ship will explode.
  7. Shield chance – The probability that the enemy laser will be deflected by the shield.
  8. Hull size – The cost in production points of building this ship, and the damage it will do to enemy planets.
Type Beams/s Range HP Seek Speed Armor Shield p hull
battle ship 3 12 20 15 1.5 40 0.8 4
fighter 1 7 5 10 2.5 10 0.2 1
heavy cr. 2 10 15 15 1.7 30 0.4 3
light cr. 1.5 7 10 15 2 20 0.5 2

As ships travel to their destinations they will encounter enemy ships. The aggression factor will determine the probability of engaging enemy ships. 0% means that your ships will continue towards their destination planet, even under fire. 100% means that they will engage the enemy.

If you send ships to their creation planet (by double clicking on a planet) they will sit in orbit waiting for enemy ships to arrive and will engage them to defend the planet. Each player may have a maximum of 25 ships enroute at any time. (current number of ships are display under the credits on the bottom left)


Every second the players gain a credit point that they can spend on purchasing perks. Perks are valid for a period of time and then they are gone. You cannot purchase the same perk while it’s active. The players credits are displayed at the bottom left

Warp Perk

This will increase the speed of all ships by 100% for 5 seconds and costs 25 credits.

Range Perk

This will increase the attack range of all ships by 5 for 3 seconds and costs 35 credits.

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