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Epic4x: Devlog #7

March 2, 2017

Today was another refactoring day. Some of the functionality regarding buildings and tiles was all cramped up into classes that dealt with planets, so I gave their own classes and endpoints. At first tiles and buildings are entities that are tied to planets so it kind of made sense to have them in a planet management service but then allocating a bean that would contain functionality only for tiles made the system more cohesive. I also made the API endpoints REST compliant in case there would be other clients in the future that would need to talk with it altough there are no such plans right now. It was one of those days when you get to really see the goods and bads of writing automated tests. The good is that you can be very confident in your refactors as you have tests to verify that you have not broken any functionality the bad is that when you refactor you also have to refactor some of the tests, especially when you change the interface of a class.

Tags: #gamedev #epic4x #devlog