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Epic4x: Devlog #8

March 3, 2017

yet more moving code from one class to another in the process of getting a better code structure with method going to classes in which they make more sense. This also means refactoring the tests associated with the old class. But this moving around code phase is done for the time being and it’s not all that was on my agenda today. I also managed to get int around 10 more tests for services that were previously untested and increased the code coverage of the services to around 80%. I also implemented the feature that shuts down buildings if the player does not have the energy to pay their maintenance. Kind of a “no money no honey” situation. As I was play testing the planet today I actually realized that if you are unfortunate enough to get a home planet with very little food tiles (say 2-3) then you end up having a very hard time in building a population on that planet. Even if you keep building farms after a while you cannot support that many buildings because you run out of energy. If you switch the farms to power plants that the population point takes a very sharp dip into the negatives quite fast. Currently this doesn’t have any effect but I will be implementing population happiness soon which will mean that the populations will be very unhappy if they are starving and will stop operating at an optimal level of efficiency. I suppose it’s better than having all your building shutdown but still in the even further future these populations will be rebelling against you.

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