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Book review: Game coding complete

January 13, 2021

This book is aimed at taking a deeper dive into the neglected parts of game engine developerment such as asset loading management, event handling, caching and an architecturally sounds design. It does go throught the topics of rendering, scene graphs and the linear algebra behind 3D programming too but not at a great level of detail such as books that explain OpenGL. The APIs used in the book are DirectX and C++ and all the code examples are in that language. The book isn’t using very advanced features of C++ and it is easy to follow along the example even if you don’t know C++ (like I don’t). I would say it’s a good book that touches a broad set of topics regarding game engine development but doesn’t go into discussions on various implementations or details in those topics. Overall I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in game engine programming.

Tags: #gamedev