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February 1, 2015

chess is an incredibly fascinating game. I’ve been playing and more and more over the past 18 months and I’ve grown to appreciate the vastness and complexity of the game. I’ve previously written about the anatomy of a chess engine, and I am working on a java chess engine but I decided to squeeze another chess project in between. This one is a chess game explorer and opening explorer. The opening explorer allows you to visit different chess openings played in games and enrich your repertoire. The game explorer provides you with option of examining master level games collected from the FICS servers. My goal is to put online 2 million games with the most popular moves played from a given position for the opening explorer and engine analysis support for all the games in the game explorer and have this running on a server with only 2G of RAM that will host the application and the data base. I guess this will be the most challenging part of this project. Here is a screenshot of the current state of the application (very unfinished i must say):

Tags: #chess