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Fooling the whatpulse.org client

April 21, 2018

Whatpulse is a stats service that counts how many keys you have pressed, and how many times you have clicked your mouse etc. It is a pretty cool service, and I believe that they do not log the actual keys you press but just the numbers. I want to believe at least. They also have a ranking system with the leaders above 160M keys pressed. I’m not sure these are totally legit, as I do remember reading stuff about people replaying network packet they captured after a pulse to record fake stats. Anyways I always like cat/mouse challange so here is what I came up with to fool the client into thinking something was typed:

This just selects random keys to send to a vim buffer. I might consider sending some fake keystokes to make up for the gap between the years that I did not use the client.

Tags: #misc