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I just published a new turn based abstract strategy game called hexosis. It’s kind of a modern chess but simpler yet deceptively full of tactics and strategy. Check out a videos of a game I played against the machine:

hexosis game play

I had to shutdown the game to free up some memory on the server.



  1. your pieces move in the direction that it’s arrows are pointing in any amount of hexagons.
  2. you may rotate, make a range move, make a range move and then a rotation move.
  3. you may NOT make a rotation move then a range move.

Left mouse button – make a range move Right mouse button – make a rotation move

Grid and pieces

This is a turn based game player between two players: light and dark. Each turn players are allowed to make one move, and are not allowed to pass a turn (see foot notes for an exception).

The game is played on a hexagonal grid

The game has 5 different pieces:

The piece are called shield, heavy lance, heavy probe, light lance, light probe from left to right. Each player starts with 4 shields, 1 light lance, 2 light probes, 1 heavy probe and 1 heavy lance. The pieces are arranged like this in the start position

The light player starts the game. The aim of the game is capture your opponents pieces by displacing them. The side that has only 1 piece remaining loses the game.

Valid moves

There are 3 types of moves a player can make.

  1. Rotation move
  2. Range move
  3. Range + rotation move

You may rotate any of your pieces clock-wise or counter clock-wise any amount of times. You can end up in the starting position. Rotation is optional.

You may make a range move in the direction that the arrows on your piece are pointing to by any amount of hexagons until you either reach the edge of the board, are blocked by one of your piece or your opponents piece. Once you select a piece the valid range moves will be highlighted for you

You may make a range move and then a rotation move. You may NOT make a rotation move then a range move.

You may capture an opponent piece if it’s arrows are not facing towards your piece.

In the above diagram the green heavy probes arrow are not facing the shield, so that’s a valid capture move.

In the above diagram the yellow arrow points to a valid capture move, but the green arrow is not a valid capture move because the green shields arrows are countering the red light lances arrows.


The hexagons are numbered from ‘a’ to ‘g’ vertically and 1 to 7 horizontally. The bottom left hexagon from the light players point of view is ‘a1’.

Game moves are notated like this:


so a move from e3 to c4 without a rotation would be e3c4r0 . A rotation without a range would be e4e4r5 . The interface will show a history of moves made in the game.


turn passing is not allowed but the lance family of piece may rotate 3 times without a range move to simulate a passing movement.

here are some games I played